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This video is a BMX tutorial on how to do a barspin on your BMX bike. There are a few steps to doing a barspin on a bmx bike. The first step is to determine which foot forward you are and which way you spin the bars. The next step is to practice throwing your barspins a lot before you try a hop barspin.The next step is to learn how to bunny hop on your bike and learn how to straighten your legs out in the air and make the bike level. After this, you can begin to throw your barspins. Make sure that you watch your bars spin while they are in the air so that you can ensure that you will able to catch them in time. My personal favorite way to practice bunnyhop barspins is on an indoor bike. Thank you for watching this barspin tutorial and please subscribe to the channel if it helped you. INSTAGRAM: @CF3BMX, @ Charlie_wankelman

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