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This streetball video features some of the very best streetball moves ever court on camera from the streetball legend and multi basketball world record holder Tom "Conman" Connors. For tricks, moves, skills, freestyle and more please subscribe below thank you. Subscribe to Tom "Conman" Connors For Amazing Streetball And Basketball Action - "Conman" SEARCH TOM CONMAN CONNORS "Con-man" Connors is considered a street basketball legend and one of the best street basketball players in the world. Not only an urban sport star throughout the globe. Tom entertains millions with his basketball skill and antics from the centre stage to the rugged street basketball courts. Conman appears in All Star and exhibition games and featured in his own UK and European tours with his team "SBX". Con-man has developed an established portfolio since the beginning of his career, a fully sanctioned Sporting Champion and the face of UK basketball, a multi Guinness World Record holder and European street basketball champion. In various fan polls over the last 10 years, "Conman" has consistently been voted in the top 10 streetball players in the world for the past 10 years. Info On SBX - features some of the worlds best urban sport stars! Follow SBX On Instagram -

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