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PSP 3000 Review

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The PSP to this day is still a great gaming experience. With Games being so cheep and still so entertaining. There are some many mods you can do this PSP, To make it not only a PSP But a GBA,SNES, and much more. The PSP new is only 100 dollars, Used they go anywhere beteen 70-80 Dollars. The PSP 3000 Is hands down the best the best Portable Gaming experience EVER! Big punch, small package The built of PSP systems to be slim, light and portable, with huge, ultra-crisp LCD screens so you can play hundreds of games and movies, browse the Internet and more. All the stunning graphics and entertainment you'd get with a console, but you can play it wherever, whenever. My Twitter: https:///411DESHAWN Hope you enjoyed the video! IF you are sighed into a YouTube Account can and if you enjoyed the video please leave a like Price Update - As of 11/29/13 GameStop has a deal for Refurbished PSP systems For only 70 Dolars.

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