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★ ArcheAge ★ - How to Build an Adventurer or Harpoon Clipper

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Watch live at https://(Mon to Thu, ~10/11pm EST) This is how you build an Adventurer/Harpoon Clipper! The fastest ship in ArcheAge! Step 1: Obtain the Clipper Design You can buy them off other players or from Mirage Isle for 50 Gilda Stars. Step 2: Make sure you have these materials For the ship: - 1 Lumber Pack - 1 Iron Pack - 1 Fabric Pack For the building platform: - 10 Iron Ingots - 10 Lumber - 10 gold And... - At least 150 Labor Points altogether 3 Logs = 1 Lumber (5LP) 100 Lumber = 1 Lumber Pack Workbench: Sawmill Workbench (25LP) 3 Iron Ore = 1 Iron Ingot (5LP) 100 Iron Ingot = 1 Iron Pack Workbench: Smelter 100 cotton = 10 Fabric (5LP) 100 Fabric = 1 Fabric Pack Workbench: Weaving Loom Good building spot: Villanelle, west of Lutesong Harbor. There are some crafting benches here that are close to the shore. Step 3: Place the building platform It tells you which pack to turn in first. Lumber - Iron - Fabric Do not make all 3 packs and put them down. Someone might just pick them up! Step 4: Start building! ----------------------- Related Links -----------------------

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