How to Setup Google XML Sitemaps - Complete Tutorial

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Learn in this video how to install and setup Google XML Sitemaps. A fantastic WordPress Plugin that will help you further SEO your website for the search engines. Why Do You Need A Sitemap? A sitemap is a page created to help the search engine robots to more easily find the new and updated content in your website. Initially, having XML Sitemap might not be a huge deal, since you only have a few pages in your website. But as your website grows its structure becomes more complex. As a result, the search engine robots might take longer to find your newer or updated content. But in case, you have a sitemap installed, you'll make their job a whole lot easier. The robots will be able to find your fresh pages more easily and quickly index on their search engine. If you want more details about Google XML sitemaps then check their official page over here: https:///plugins/google-sitemap-generator/ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Get Social with Me: Prositetutorials:

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