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★ ArcheAge ★ - How to Convert Tokens & Create Hasla Weapon

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Watch live at https://(Mon to Thu, ~10/11pm EST) When u hit 50, one of the better starting weapon for raids or PvP are the Hasla Weapons. And to get the Hasla weapons, you have to farm these flower mobs in Hasla that drop specific tokens for the different weapons. These are the weapons that you can get with the different tokens: Compassion = Greatclub Conviction = Staff Courage = Bow Fortitude = Shield Honor = 1h Sword Loyalty = 2h Sword Sacrifice = Lute The way it goes now is, you can form a raid where only 1 or two players will roll on the different tokens. But sometimes you get other tokens too, like when u misclick or pick up free loot. What can you do with these tokens? If you have at least one of each token, you can go to the NPC, south of Tehmi Ruins, and get a Faded Hasla Fragment that costs 6G. There is a special anvil beside the NPc that will turn the unwanted tokens into an Arctic Earthstone. Then at the same anvil, you can convert the Arctic Earthstone into 5 of the tokens that you want. Once you have 150 tokens of your choice, head back to the anvil and craft your weapon! ----------------------- Related Links -----------------------

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