How to add sitemap in Google Webmaster tools

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How to add sitemap in Google Webmaster tools Submitting sitemap of website is very important and crucial step to take over. Without sitemap it is difficult to fetch the data of your blog or website. With the help of sitemap Google robots and crawlers will know that your website is updated whenever new content is published. Also it helps to fetch the data from Google directory whenever the user searches keywords in Google search. Sitemap consist of blog page links or website links. Individual links of a particular page will be grouped together in a single page to make it a sitemap. Here I'm going to show her you can submit the sitemap to Google Webmaster tools for better indexing of your website or blog. Here are the instructions to follow to add this site map. Step one- sign in to your Google account first Step two- visit to Google Webmaster tools by visiting the link here Step three-once the Google Webmaster tools page opens you will see your website first on home Step four- click on your website the is showing Google Webmaster tools. Step five- click on crawl option which is available in Google Webmaster tools this option is presented on left-hand side of the page. Step six-if you click crawl you get sub options like crawl errors, crawl stats, fetch as Google, blocked URLs, and then sitemap option will be visible in that options. Step seven- click on sitemap option Step eight-after you click site map option you'll be landed on sitemap page where you can see the option add or test site map on the top right-hand side. Step nine-click add or test sitemap to add the sitemap link. Remember You should have sitemap already before you add the sitemap to Google Webmaster tools and also once you add the sitemap it shows pending, please wait and don't get panic because it takes time to add the sitemap.

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