Avatar 2 (James Cameron) | Fan-Made Soundtrack - William Maytook (Feat DaisyMeadow)

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For support me and buy the album ! : https://williamcomposer./store/avatar-2 Hey fellows, I'm back with a big new project on which I would have spent quite a lot of time ! James Cameron’s Avatar 2, with original music by a composer that I particularly appreciate : James Horner ! The story that I tell happens right after the event of the first film, we follow the adventure of two hunters who will discover the "forbidden lands" which are the ruins of the HellGates that being a sanctuary also! Not understanding why a sacred tree is here, they are looking for an answer by climbing the Iknimaya ! They will also have some mishap on their road that they will have to face ! I am already working with my friend Fyrosand on another project that will also take us into space, I let you guess ! As usual I thank you for your support, you are really fantastic ! :D Vocals : DaisyMeadow aka Maartje Nijhof. It's a fantastic person with an angel voice, really if you need a person to sing I can only advise you to work with her :D ! For contact : maartjenijhof@yahoo.nl 1-Welcome To Pandora : 0:09 2-Hunter's Games : 2:15 3-Hunter Hunted, The Preys of the Dzodathr : 7:15 4-A Night in Pandora's Forest : 9:07 5-The one who was the king of the ocean, Akula the « Taron » : 13:20 6-The Forgotten lands, The Forbidden Sanctuary, Ruins of the HellGates : 14:40 7-In search of the past, Climbing Up Iknimaya : 17:20 BONUS TRACK-End Credit : 19:45 _________________________________________________ LINKS : Website : https://williamcomposer./ Store : https://williamcomposer./store Soundcloud : https:///william-maytook Facebook : https://

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