New Map Castle & Weapon Updated - War Robots Test Server 4.2 WR

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War Robots Test Server: New Map Castle & Updated Weapons: Orkan, Thunder, Punisher, Halo, Corona, Glory WR 4.2. My Feedback to this weeks test server: *Map Castle:* I'm sorry to say it. But in my opinion - the map is horrible to play. Especially in Team Deathmatch. Everyone will simply sit on the elevated position and snipe or fire hydras while maybe getting healed and there's little chance for a great dynamic battle to arise from this. The map plays best in Beacon Rush and would probably also be interesting in Free For All. But the map... A: is too Small B: does not offer enough cover for attackers to succeed when trying to invade enemy space C: It's not very progressive based on Beacon and Spawn Locations. Or maybe I should say its very linear? What I mean by this is that it will be extremely unrewarding and frustrating to play in Domination when you need to walk through all that hellfire to get to the enemy beacon, have very little chance to succeed as the spawns are right there, too and you will have already lost around 50% Hp just getting there. You die and as a reward for being active and aggressive you start the whole painful process over from the very beginning. Sniping, Hydras and most of all: Shocktrain will dominate this map and knife-fighters like me are completely suppressed which makes it very frustrating too me. We see something similar happen already on Carrier which in my opinion is also terrible to play in Team Deathmatch. *My advise to Pixonic*: Test the map in FFA and maybe.... Beacon Rush with some more cover to reach the enemy side. I like the whole new different levels of hight in a map. More layers. But same as Bridge which was also tested a while back it's too small and restricted. *Orkan & Punisher:* Nice new look - more up to date. Orkans could maybe lose a few rockets in the container. What do you think Guys & Gals & Pixonic? Let's test Orkans with a little less one-punsh potential. *New Root Weapon Rebalance* I feel like more accuracy is needed on the Thunder, Molot and Punishers, not on these new fancy energy-bypass root shotguns. I think they may have been already doing a tiny bit too much damage last time considering their pro's. I'd roll back that last change. *Thunder* Great! The look hasn't changed too much. But the stats are great. That's a good 30% increase making this weapon a little more useful. Maybe try and increase the weapons accuracy a bit. After all: The heavy version of the shotgun should severely outperform the light gust - which clearly is not the case at 200-400 meters. 🡒My 2nd Gaming Channel: https://

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