Michael Jordan (1994 Pippen All-Star Classic)

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There was a only highlight version about this game, which was focused on Michael Jordan's plays. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Michael Jordan came out of retirement after 15 months to play in a benefit game (Scottie Pippen All-Star Classic - September, 1994). He still has the form, the grace, the speed, the slam dunks, the three-pointers, that send fans into a frenzy. Jordan scored 52 points to lead his team to a 187-150 victory. Jordan made 24 of 46 shots. As he left the floor, the crowd of nearly 20,000 gave him a standing ovation. He then, bowed, waved to the fans and kissed the floor of the stadium. The same floor where he led the Chicago Bulls to an unprecedented three consecutive NBA championships. "I was kissing the Stadium goodbye and kissing goodbye to my years of playing there," Jordan later said. "But I was not kissing basketball goodbye, I'll always love basketball, and I'll always play it. I just won't play organized ball." After his spectacular game, Jordan noted, "I wanted to make sure that when I stepped onto the court, you guys couldn't say. 'You lost this' or 'You lost that.'" The game is the last event to be held at the 65-year-old Chicago Stadium.

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