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Self-Patching Chaos with Batumi

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Self-Patching Chaos with Batumi
Загружен 27 мая 2017
I wanted to make a video using 1) As few modules as possible, and 2) No oscillators. It came out kinda crazy. Inspired by this video from Genshi Media Group: ... ...

Exploring Modular Synths - Easy Patch Introduction Video 1
Загружен 2 июля 2016
This video series is an introduction to modular synthesizers, with each video exploring a few modules and showing how to create an easy patch. This first video ...

Batumi from XAOC devices
Загружен 9 сентября 2014
Short experiment with a prototype of a new synth module from XAOC. A simple patch involving Batumi, Moskwa and KMS. Batumi provides a chaotic clock for ...

Exploring Modular Synths - Easy Patch Introduction 3 - Batumi and Clouds
Загружен 2 июля 2016
A patch exploring just two modules -- the Xaoc Batumi and Mutable Instruments Clouds. The Batumi is used both as a sound source and to modulate itself and ...

Xaoc Devices Batumi drives Make Noise DPO
Загружен 12 февраля 2018
The best LFO of Xaoc Devices drives one of the best oscillators in the eurorack world. Demonstrator: Davide Ricci from Milk Audio Store ...

XAOC Devices Batumi "INDIVIDUAL WAVEBANK" firmware
Загружен 5 июля 2018
Note : In this video, "Logistic" means the waveform by Verhulst's logistic map algorithm which is available in "EXPERT" firmware. Firmware download and ...

Batumi + Belgrad - Friday Fun
Загружен 20 января 2018
Batumi being attenuated and offset with the 4MS SISM and modulating the Belgrad filter. Featuring the STO and 0-Coast run through the Echophon.

Composing with LFO's
Загружен 6 ноября 2017
My first eurorack tutorial showing techniques that can be used to generate complex melodic structures using LFO's.

XAOC Batumi LFO Pitch Track Explorations
Загружен 16 мая 2018
The XAOC Batumi LFO eurorack module allows pitch tracking to the LFO frequency. This calls for a bunch of different effects. The most obvious one being ...

'Desert Rings' First modular patch (PNW, Batumi, Rings, uClouds, O+C)
Загружен 14 декабря 2017
After about 2 days of creating nothing but nasty sounds, this is my first proper attempt at a musical sounding patch with the new modular gear. Stereo output sent ...

Batumi Expert: New Quad Mode
Загружен 22 февраля 2016
XAOC Devices Batumi Expert firmware tutorial: the new summing Quad mode. Enable annotations to see the text. Dowload the firmware and its documentation ...

Tsyklon Lab - Chaos Divider *FIRST PATCH*
Загружен 2 декабря 2016
Here's the awesome Chaos Divider from Tsyklon Labs. Full video coming soon but wanted a first patch / jam video. The Sequencer 1 is driving the clock and ...

XAOC Devices Batumi Demo
Загружен 22 ноября 2016
The XAOC Devices Batumi is an excellent hub for modulation. In this patch, Batumi controls Industrial Music Electronics Hertz Donut MkII's FM depth and ...

A Patch From Scratch #05: Snazzy FX Chaos #TTNM
Загружен 5 января 2018
Haven't done those in a while. Watch me flail with words, cables and chaos modules, while trying to patch something reasonably interesting with my newly built ...

xaoc devices batumi + glockenspiel
Загружен 20 сентября 2016
in this first test with a newly acquired xaoc batumi, i have the batumi in phase mode (which allows shifting the 2nd-4th lfos 0-360 degrees out of phase relative to ... ...

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