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Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc - Nitro Rad
Загружен 15 мая 2015
Rayman's Part 3 brings back the silliness of the first game, and expands on the formula of the second. But without Ancel at the wheel, did it hold up well? Nitro ...

Rayman 2: The Great Escape - Nitro Rad
Загружен 29 апреля 2015
How do you follow up a 2D masterpiece? With a 3D one! Rayman 2 busts into the third dimension with platforming that's better than ever. Nitro Rad on Facebook ...

Rayman - Nitro Rad
Загружен 15 апреля 2015
Often called "The best platformer that isn't Mario", Rayman's a game that'll fill your eyes with color, and your mind with rage. NitroRad on Facebook: ...

Yooka-Laylee - Nitro Rad
Загружен 27 апреля 2017
The long awaited revival of the platforming genre! I've got a lot of mixed thoughts on Yooka-Laylee. SOCIAL MEDIA: https:///NitroRadOfficial ...

Kao the Kangaroo - Nitro Rad
Загружен 6 февраля 2017
An obscure platformer for Dreamcast, Kao the Kangaroo! This boxin' lil dude hops into a platforming adventure. Let's see how it good? SOCIAL MEDIA: ...

Kao 3: Mystery of the Volcano - Nitro Rad
Загружен 16 марта 2017
The final entry in the Kao series. This final game was never localized, and has been left unseen by westerners. Let's see what Kao 3: Mystery of the Volcano has ... ...

Punky Skunk - Nitro Rad
Загружен 20 июня 2017
One of the PS1's latest, and most forgotten 2D platformers. Let's see what this Skunk's got to offer. SOCIAL MEDIA: https:///NitroRadOfficial ...

Dr. Muto - Nitro Rad
Загружен 1 июля 2016
Midway's first (and last) attempt at making a 3D platformer. What bizarre experiments wait for us in Dr. Muto? Facebook: https:///NitroRadOfficial ...

Glover - Nitro Rad
Загружен 9 января 2019
One of the most remembered b-grade platformers from the N64. What is it about Glover that we just can't forget? SOCIAL MEDIA: https:///NitroRad ...

Tork: Prehistoric Punk - Nitro Rad
Загружен 10 августа 2016
A little cave dude with a big attitude! Tork, the prehistoric punk! Let's try and figure out why nobody talks about this old Xbox exclusive. Facebook: ...

Snake Pass - Nitro Rad
Загружен 1 апреля 2017
A fresh take on the 3D platformer, Snake Pass turns the genre we all know and love on it's head. SOCIAL MEDIA: https:///NitroRadOfficial ...

Dropsy - Nitro Rad
Загружен 13 января 2016
Squishy damp hugs and big fun laughs. Check it out:

Gex - Nitro Rad
Загружен 20 июля 2014
Another retro platforming trilogy is on the horizon. Is Gex worth playing, or should you just change the channel?

Rascal - Nitro Rad
Загружен 29 августа 2018
Considered by some to be one of the WORST games on Playstation. Rascal is a game with a lot of heart put into it, but poor design holds it back. GAMEHUT ...

Jersey Devil - Nitro Rad
Загружен 25 июня 2018
From the veins of 90s Warner Brothers animation bled inspiration for Behaviour Interactive's first platformer. Jersey Devil! SOCIAL MEDIA: ...

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