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Why Black Holes Could Delete The Universe – The Information Paradox
Загружен 24 августа 2017
Black holes are scary things. But they also might reveal the true nature of the universe to us. This video was realised with the help of Dr. Alessandro Sfondrini ...

The Secrets Donald Trump Doesn't Want You to Know About: Business, Finance, Marketing
Загружен 11 октября 2017
David Cay Boyle Johnston (born December 24, 1948) is an American investigative journalist and author, a specialist in economics and tax issues, and winner of ...

Michael Sandel: Why we shouldn't trust markets with our civic life
Загружен 7 октября 2013
In the past three decades, says Michael Sandel, the US has drifted from a market economy to a market society; it's fair to say that an American's experience of ...

Homeopathy, quackery and fraud | James Randi
Загружен 20 апреля 2010

Why we do what we do | Tony Robbins
Загружен 17 января 2007
Tony Robbins discusses the "invisible forces" that make us do what we do -- and high-fives Al Gore in the front row. TEDTalks is a daily video podcast of the best ...

Why giving away our wealth has been the most satisfying thing we've done... | Bill and Melinda Gates
Загружен 2 апреля 2014
n 1993, Bill and Melinda Gates—then engaged—took a walk on a beach in Zanzibar, and made a bold decision on how they would make sure that their wealth ...

Stav mysli - Psychologie kontroly myšlení -dokument () cz / sk +titulky auto
Загружен 15 июня 2015
Free the Mind je fantastický příběh o tom, jak dokáže vize jednoho člověka změnit životy tří ostatních. Profesor Richard Davidson je jedním z největších ...

A life of purpose | Rick Warren
Загружен 15 апреля 2008

"Marching to Zion" Full Movie with subtitles
Загружен 15 мая 2015
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The silent drama of photography | Sebastião Salgado
Загружен 1 мая 2013
Economics PhD Sebastião Salgado only took up photography in his 30s, but the discipline became an obsession. His years-long projects beautifully capture the ...

Daniel Goleman: Why arent we all Good Samaritans?
Загружен 9 января 2008

Talks on Sri Ramana Maharshi: Narrated by David Godman - Arunachaleswara Temple
Загружен 21 января 2015
When Venkataraman, the boy who was to become Ramana Maharshi, arrived In Tiruvannamalai in 1896, he went to the Arunachaleswara Temple in ...

David Icke - Lev Již Nedřímá 3/4, CZ titulky, 2012, HD
Загружен 29 января 2013
Třetí část přednášky Davida Ickeho z roku 2012 - Globální agenda. Jak vše, o čem jste dosud slyšeli, souvisí s našimi životy? V předposledním díle se budeme ...

Aliens & Cryptocurrency a Government BAN Coming? UFO Sightings & Why SETI hates Bitcoin 2/26/2018
Загружен 27 февраля 2018
Finally Hair Free Samples link- Take 25% off your Purchase of Finally Hair Products Using Coupon Code- alienbros Purchase Finally Hair ...

Annie Lennox: Why I am an HIV/AIDS activist
Загружен 23 сентября 2010

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