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How to make money scrapping brass and copper with a hammer mill

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: How to make money scrapping brass and copper with a hammer mill
Загружен 17 ноября 2014
My goal is to provide the small scale recycler/scrapper/scrap yard an affordable, effective, and versatile processing and sorting line for smaller volumes of scrap ...

: Recycling dirty brass and copper valves with a hammer mill
Загружен 17 октября 2014
We took a bunch of dirty and contaminated brass and copper valves and ran them trough our hammer mill to liberate the brass and copper from the steel, rubber, ...

: Scrapping reversing valves for brass and copper with a hammer mill
Загружен 18 декабря 2014
These reversing valves have a lot of brass and copper in them, but they are so hard to scrap by hand. By using the hammer mill you can separate the clean ...

: Scrapping/recycling power tools for copper, brass, and electric motors
Загружен 22 октября 2014
This was a fun one! Ran these old drills and grinders through the hammer mill to recover the copper and electric motors for more money. The hammer mill ate ...

: Small scale recycling copper-brass radiators through a hammer mill
Загружен 16 октября 2014
I have become really interested in the metal recycling industry over the last few months and finally got a chance to grab some samples of material to run through ...

How to scrap a surge protector for copper and brass
Загружен 24 января 2013
It surprises me how sometimes we over look things as scrap and don't bother to take some things apart. After watching a quick video from the folks at iScrap App ... ...

: Crushing scrap aluminum pistons with a hammer mill to increase scrap value
Загружен 22 ноября 2014
These aluminum pistons were crushed and broken up to separate the clean cast aluminum from the steel rings. By doing this the scrapper is able to make more ...

Heavy Duty Hammer Mill 24" x 16" - Scrap Metal Processor
Загружен 24 января 2017
This is a new product we are offering, a heavy duty hammer mill (24" x 16"), for use with scrap metal specifically. This video showcases some of the features of ... ...

Shaker Table Separating Copper from Car Shred Waste Using a Hammer Mill for Crushing
Загружен 16 августа 2017
A customer set us a sample of remains after processing wire scrap. It contained small pieces of copper, plastic coated copper, rocks, glass and other ...

Scrapping Brass & Copper Together
Загружен 11 марта 2015

: Scraping and separating copper and aluminium from radiators with a hammer mill
Загружен 18 октября 2014
These copper aluminium radiators are a great source of copper, but they are so hard to clean and separate by hand. With this hammer mill the pieces are ...

How to make extra cash scrapping brass and other cheaper metals!
Загружен 4 декабря 2017
I found a few brass lamps for around $20, figured I would try my hand at breaking them down and getting the most scrap metal I can out of them, including ...

Metal Recycling, cutting down copper and brass
Загружен 22 марта 2017
In this video, I am cutting down copper, brass, and other items that are attached with solder. I am just cutting them up into their separate categories. I am using a ...

Copper and Aluminum Recovered From Copper Chop Granulator Waste With MBMM Hammer Mill & Shaker Table
Загружен 5 февраля 2018
We had a customer send us a sample of granulator waste that had been run across a air separation table. This was the material that was just going to the landfill ...

Turn-Key Scrap Metal Processor with Heavy Duty Hammer Mill - Separate Ferrous, Copper, Plastic, etc
Загружен 8 марта 2017
Processing a sample of material through the turn-key scrap metal processor, with our newest hammer mill, a heavy-duty 24" x 16" scrap metal hammer mill.

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