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ATI MP40 9mm Review: $500 WW2 Gun You Can Actually Buy!
Загружен 4 марта 2018
Donate to a local shelter in Iowa that could use your support

GSG MP40 9mm vs Original WWII MP40
Загружен 24 июня 2017
In this video, I discuss the differences between the GSG MP40 pistol and an original WWII MP40. This is a table-top comparison and side by side overview. Enjoy ...

ATI GSG MP40 Review
Загружен 2 сентября 2017
Discussing and firing ATI's new GSG MP40. A neat little replica of the venerable WWII classic mp40 sub-machine gun of Wehrmacht fame. Available now at ...

ATI GSG MP-40 9mm Pistol "First Shots"
Загружен 13 июля 2018
We were excited to get our hands on this "piece of history" but were soon let down. Here's hoping we got a lemon and this is not how all of them ...

MP-40 by ATI/GSG Shooting Impressions
Загружен 20 сентября 2017
The iconic MP-40 in 9mm now available from ATI and manufactured in Germany by GSG. We take a trip to range with one! See our full shows on CarbonTV!

ATI MP40 Modification (revisit)
Загружен 10 января 2019
ATI MP40 (GSG 9mm) -Video revisit and overview of personal (legal) modifications to the firearm that enhance its recreational purposes. Any questions or ...

GSG MP40 Pistol 9mm at Atlantic Firearms
Загружен 8 июня 2017
The German Sport Guns GSG-MP40 9mm Pistol! American Tactical & GSG are excited to bring to the United States the very first reproduction of the original WWII ...

Analysis and Review of the MP40 ATI GSG 9mm.
Загружен 30 мая 2019
Gun review with the ATI GSG MP40 9mm semiautomatic. The 9mm pistol is a German Import that is a great range gun. This semiautomatic 9mm pistol is a ...

GSG MP40 9x19 (with subtitles)
Загружен 10 января 2017
Hier seht Ihr die Videoanleitung zur GSG MP40 9x19 !

GSG MP40 P.A.K. [Unboxing]
Загружен 27 мая 2018
Heute packen wir mit euch zusammen die MP40 von GSG in der PAK-Variante aus. ▻GSG MP40 P.A.K.: ...

GSG MP40 9mm P.A.K. & Erma EGP88 8mmK Schusstest [Review]
Загружен 3 декабря 2017
Dank einer Zuschauereinsendung können wir euch die Schreckschuss MP40 von GSG und die Erma EGP88 Pistole im Kaliber 8mmK vorstellen. ▻MP40: ...

ATI GSG MP40 - It's Back Finally
Загружен 29 августа 2017
I contacted American Tactical Imports about the bulging primers. They stated the ammunition could be too hot of a load, which with the 115gr 9mm factory load ...

GSG Have Outdone Themselves
Загружен 24 октября 2018
Looking for the GSG featured in this video? Search for on our site to find. YouTube prevents us from posting links. Head over to our website to find what you're ... ...

ATI GSG MP40 9mm Pistol Compared With WWII bnz MP.40 SMG Conversion
Загружен 22 июля 2017
In this video, we fire for the first time, the new MP.40P Pistol in 9mm (9x19mm Luger/Parabellum). This pistol is manufactured in Germany by GSG and imported ...

GSG MP40 Ammo Test
Загружен 25 ноября 2018
In this video, I test out 3 different types of 9mm Luger ammunition in the GSG reproduction MP40 and see how well they feed & fire. The brands I tried were ...

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