Global Warming vs LFTR - Thorium Energy to fight Climate Change

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Global Warming vs LFTR - Thorium Energy to fight Climate Change
Загружен 13 октября 2011
Can improving the efficiency by which we use energy address climate change in time? Energy density is key to rapid deployment of new energy production ...

Global Warming: Greens vs Nuclear - "Th" Thorium Documentary
Загружен 20 ноября 2013

The IAEA’s Multifaceted Approach to Climate Change
Загружен 6 ноября 2017
Climate change is one of the biggest environmental challenges affecting the planet and humanity. The IAEA helps countries to meet this challenge by using ...

The Molten Salt Reactor is the future of energy
Загружен 18 февраля 2018
Alvin Weinberg's prophetic message on Molten Salt Reactors as the future of energy. Thorium based Molten Salt Reactors are needed to produce inexpensive ...

Climate change and new energies
Загружен 9 марта 2011
Nobel Prize Carlo Rubbia closed first CEI Moncloa´s Scientific Meeting Rubbia´s speech closed the first Scientific Meeting of Moncloa Campus of International ...

James Kennedy - "U.S. Heavy Rare Earth Cooperative, the Global Economics of Thorium Energy" @ TEAC3
Загружен 15 августа 2011
"U.S. Heavy Rare Earth Cooperative - Global Economics of Thorium Energy" Presented at the 3rd Thorium Energy Alliance Conference in Washington DC by ...

Thorium/Global Warming speech
Загружен 23 апреля 2011
A speech discussing the amazing impact a Thorium/LFTR nuclear reactor could have on Global Warming. It could also create a new age of prosperity for the ...

Arthur talks about Thorium vs Fossil Fuels and Climate Change
Загружен 29 октября 2017
Arthur talks about thorium deposits in the Great Sacandaga Lake Basin and the future of energy.

The Liquid Flouride Thorium Reactor (LFTR) Solution
Загружен 26 мая 2016
FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY*** Dartmouth College, May 2016.

Climate Change Energy Development
Загружен 9 марта 2010
a short excerpt from the documentary.

Bryan Hallez - Campaigning for LFTR @ TEAC2
Загружен 20 апреля 2019
TEAC2 (Thorium Energy Alliance Conference #2) was held at Googleplex. Presentation slide decks can be found here: ...

THORIUM - The Energy of the Future
Загружен 25 января 2019
Many experts agree that nuclear power must play a critical role in our clean and prosperous energy future and current energy technologies are insufficient to ...

Kirk Sorensen - A Global Alternative (thorium energy via LFTR) @ TEAC4
Загружен 8 июля 2012
(LFTR). LFTR offers greater efficiency and ...

Thorium Remix 2009 - LFTR in 16 Minutes
Загружен 18 ноября 2009

Kirk Sorensen @ MRU on LFTR - Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactors
Загружен 24 мая 2011
(in part) from this footage:

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