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Загружен 10 августа 2017

Your elusive creative genius | Elizabeth Gilbert
Загружен 9 февраля 2009
Find an accurate transcript (and subtitles in 46 languages) on : "Eat, Pray, ...

Dünya düzeni nasıl değiştirilir? | Küreselleşen Dünya - Egemenlik #1
Загружен 22 апреля 2018
Dünya nereye doğru gidiyor dersiniz? Yıllardır bir şeyler gelişiyor fakat kimsenin çevreye ve diğer toplumlara faydası olduğu düşünülmüyor. Herkes kendi ...

SCP-682 Termination Log | Experiment Log T-98816-OC108/682
Загружен 28 августа 2014
SCP-682 is a large, vaguely reptile-like creature of unknown origin. It appears to be extremely intelligent, and was observed to engage in complex ...

Pentagon Leaks Something BIG! New 3rd F-18 UFO Footage Released & Multiple UFOs Filmed! 3/11/2018
Загружен 12 марта 2018
Alien Bros is a team of UFO researchers dedicated to bringing you the latest in alien related news and anything else that seems paranormal with a specific ...

SCP-616 The Vessel and the Gate | Object Class: Keter | cognitohazard scp
Загружен 14 ноября 2015
SCP-616 is a prototype Boeing ···-···, designed by ····· ········· and constructed in 16/06/1966 to specifications. Though superficially ...

SCP-096 The "Shy Guy" | Object Class: Euclid | Humanoid / Cognitohazard SCP
Загружен 10 октября 2015
SCP-096 is a humanoid creature measuring approximately 2.38 meters in height. Subject shows very little muscle mass, with preliminary analysis of body mass ...

Calculus III: Two Dimensional Vectors (Level 13 of 13) | Distance and Bearing
Загружен 25 января 2016
This video is a review of Two Dimensional Vectors. This video goes over applications of vectors. 3 examples are covered illustrating how to solve distance and ...

Stress, Portrait of a Killer - Full Documentary (2008)
Загружен 16 октября 2011
my artworks: (please send me a ...

In Transition 2.0: a story of resilience and hope in extraordinary times
Загружен 25 ноября 2013
You can now order the DVD of this film, in a deluxe or a budget version, from

SCP-2852 Cousin Johnny | Object Class Keter | humanoid / mind-affecting scp |
Загружен 19 января 2017
Read along with me! ♧Read along: "Long note One" - Kevin MacLeod () Licensed under Creative ...

The Dirty Secrets of George Bush
Загружен 23 июня 2012
A number of allegations have been written about several investigations that have taken place related to the Mena Airport as a CIA drop point in large scale ...

Racism in America: Small Town 1950s Case Study Documentary Film
Загружен 11 июня 2012
Racism in the United States has been a major issue since the colonial era and the slave era. Legally sanctioned racism imposed a heavy burden on Native ...

ET EBE Humanoid CC.- Experiences of two sisters Czech Republic
Загружен 10 июня 2018
btitl.- (12. Dimension ) ET Contact from Czech republic Ivana Podhrazska is spiritism telepathic medium. Ilona Podhrazska writing messages... Contact ...

In Depth Tesla Urban Supercharger FIRST LOOK Chicago
Загружен 15 сентября 2017
Tesla Urban Supercharger FIRST LOOK Chicago ----------------------------------- Tesla has it's solution for Apartment & Condo dwellers, and those who have no ...

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