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Understanding the accident of Fukushima Daiichi
Загружен 19 июня 2012
This film presents the sequence of the accident at the Fukushima Daiichi plant in March 2011.It explains how the boiling water reactor (BWR) operated in Japan, ...

Returning to Fukushima | Explorer
Загружен 27 февраля 2019
The Dai-ichi Nuclear Plant in Fukushima suffered a meltdown in 2011. Now, Japan has a plan for residents to return to the area. ➡ Subscribe: ...

How robots are cleaning up Fukushima's nuclear disaster
Загружен 5 марта 2019
When the radiation hot zone is too much, it's time to send in the robots. Also check out Drones vs. California's wildfires: How they're helping firefighters ...

Fukushima Uncensored - Documentary [HD]
Загружен 3 декабря 2016
BBC, Documentary Fukushima, Uncensored #Revealed #clinton Fukushima Uncensored Go inside the Fukushima power plants for the minute-by-minute story ...

Photographing the Nuclear Disaster in Fukushima
Загружен 13 октября 2012
Check out all Picture Perfect episodes here:

Fukushima: How to move a mountain of radioactive soil - BBC News
Загружен 31 мая 2019
The operators of the badly damaged Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant in Japan say they have achieved another milestone in making the plant safe.

Inside Fukushima: Beyond the 'No Go' Zone
Загружен 9 января 2014
Part 1: "Nightline" was given rare access to Japan's shuttered power plant and surrounding areas. Part 2: Radiation experts test Pacific Ocean waters ...

Ground zero at Fukushima nuclear power plant | 60 Minutes Australia
Загружен 18 июля 2019
(2011) When Japan was rocked by a massive earthquake and tsunami in March 2011, we told ourselves the worst was behind us. Tens of thousands dead, ...

A holiday in Fukushima? "Dark tourism" in the nuclear disaster zone
Загружен 14 августа 2019
On 11 March 2011 a 9.1 magnitude earthquake struck off the east coast of Japan, prompting the second biggest nuclear meltdown of all time at the Fukushima ...

Inside the Fukushima reactor | 60 Minutes Australia
Загружен 22 октября 2018
60 Minutes is the first Australian TV crew allowed inside Fukushima. The man who claims nuclear power is safe takes us inside the heart of the reactor. What if ...

Inside Fukushima, 8 years after tsunami hit nuclear power plant
Загружен 20 марта 2019
Eight years ago, a 9.0 earthquake struck off Japan, sending 50-foot waves barreling into the coast. The tsunami prompted one of the worst nuclear plant ...

De Paris à Fukushima : Les secrets d'une catastrophe (Intégrale)
Загружен 20 февраля 2017
Le 11 mars 2011, en l'espace de quelques heures, le Japon fait face à une triple catastrophe : un tremblement de terre, un tsunami et un accident nucléaire.

How Japan Is Responding To Fukushima Five Years Later (HBO)
Загружен 14 декабря 2016
Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has announced plans to clean up Fukushima, the site of a massive 2011 nuclear disaster, and move former residents back ...

Fukushima's ghost towns
Загружен 26 ноября 2018
More than seven years after one of the worst nuclear disasters in history, towns around Japan's nuclear power plant struggle to rebuild. Subscribe to the "60 ...

The robots inside Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant - BBC Click
Загружен 23 октября 2017
Japan Special: Inside Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant where robots are helping the clean-up after 2011's meltdown. Plus across the country, robots ...

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