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Focus on Species Okapi (Okapia johnstoni)

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Focus on Species: Okapi (Okapia johnstoni)
Загружен 21 марта 2015
Unknown to science until 1901, Okapis are native to the rainforests of central Africa, with remaining populations only existing in the northeastern portion of the ...

The okapi (Okapia johnstoni)
Загружен 14 июля 2010
Okapi (Okapia johnstoni) * Family: Giraffidae, * Genus: Okapia, * Phylum: Chordata, * Class: Mammalia, * Order: Artiodactyla, * Species: O. johnstoni, * Type: ...

Okapia johnstoni (okapi)
Загружен 1 декабря 2014

Okapi Introduced for Breeding
Загружен 10 мая 2015
Okapi (Okapia johnstoni) are native to the northeast of the Democratic Republic of the Congo in Central Africa. I captured this footage when a male and female ...

World's Weirdest Animals: Okapi
Загружен 27 июля 2018
Living in in the African jungle is an animal in a state of decline. On this episode of world's weirdest animals we bring you the Okapi. Being the only living relative ...

Okapis and conservationists killed by Congo rebels
Загружен 3 июля 2012
The okapi is only found in Democratic Republic of Congo and it is under threat. A conservation station dedicated to these animals has been attacked - at least ...

Okapis paring / Okapi mating : Safaripark De Beekse Bergen
Загружен 17 мая 2017
Okapi : (Okapia johnstoni) IUCN Status : Endangered.

Zebra, Horse or Neither? | National Geographic
Загружен 20 августа 2007
It's a zebra, it's a horse - no, it's an okapi. Not discovered until the 20th century, the okapi's closet relative is actually the giraffe. ➡ Subscribe: ...

Okapi Conservation Project: On the Front Line of Conservation in DR Congo
Загружен 7 апреля 2016
In this film, GLP Films offers an intimate look into the success and struggles of the Okapi Conservation Project as they work with local communities to meet the ...

L' Okapi
Загружен 7 сентября 2016
Breve documentario sull' Okapi.

The Okapi Story
Загружен 13 мая 2015

Okapi Conservation Project
Загружен 11 мая 2017
The Okapi Conservation Project is located within the Ituri Forest, in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The Okapi Wildlife Reserve was created in 1992, ...

How did the Giraffe Evolve?
Загружен 8 декабря 2015
Despite being one of the most iconic animals on earth, few people are familiar with the natural history of the giraffe. Relatively little information about giraffe ...

Презентация ОКАПИ
Загружен 5 ноября 2018
Автор видео Охотин Олег Борисович.

Somba the Congo Ranger talks about Okapis
Загружен 29 марта 2007
Somba, a Congo Ranger, talks about the okapi in the Okapi Wildlife Reserve, Iturui province, eastern Congo. Somba protects the reserve. Filmed by ...

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