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EP 2 30 INTERESTING Facts you should know about IMVU Online

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EP 2: +30 INTERESTING Facts you should know about IMVU Online
Загружен 3 февраля 2018
69 likes and I'll fact check again... (。◕‿◕。) I know some of you will question the validity of my facts, but it's true. Eric and I aren't dating. So you can ...

EP 3: 8 SECRET WAYS poor people Earn FREE Credits on IMVU (as told in ridiculous fashion)
Загружен 4 февраля 2018
69 likes and I'll gift you credits... (。◕‿◕。) This IMVU video was ridiculous and half the reasons I listed are the most horrible reasons ever. Was it funny, tho?

EP 1: Why do people play games like IMVU? (a video essay)
Загружен 2 февраля 2018
69 likes and I'll tell you my deepest darkest secret... (。◕‿◕。) I'm doing an entire video series on IMVU. This series spans 25 complete episodes capturing the ...

Загружен 28 августа 2017
IMVU: M A T T L E lowkey this was just a rant.. SNAPCHAT: mattie_hero INSTAGRAM: ...

EP 6: The Most overused IMVU Items that need to stop in 2018 (popular items)
Загружен 10 февраля 2018
69 likes and I'll start sponsoring your products... (。◕‿◕。) Not that being similar is bad at all; plenty of people dress alike. But with so many items to choose from, ... ...

6 Things you did'nt know about IMVU (MUST WATCH)
Загружен 2 августа 2017
Yall gotta watch this, 6 things I know yall didn't know about imvu!!!!! Please Subscribe and Enjoy YouTube!!!

EP 4: SCARY! The IMVU Murderer (...a creepypasta based on a true story)
Загружен 6 февраля 2018
69 likes and I'll tell you a story... (。◕‿◕。) The death of Zahra Baker is a true story. I left a few details out of the story due to the length ...

What To Do On IMVU When Bored [Part 2]
Загружен 25 марта 2018
Ima try to post more since I'm on Spring Break— I need video suggestions yikes.

EP 5: IMVU NEXT - virtual fashion designers (...a comparison analysis)
Загружен 7 февраля 2018
69 likes and I'll compare your product to dis D... (。◕‿◕。) IMVU products are often taken from real-world trends from fashion, dance moves, memes; you name it.

How To Grow Taller in 1 WEEK! THE TRUTH !!
Загружен 3 июня 2017
Welcome to the first episode of Online Trash ! WATCH PART 2: https://

Загружен 23 марта 2018
Add me on imvu @yomainman4.

Загружен 8 июля 2017
AYYY don't be offended pls ily all and this was mostly a joke. no salt im more of a pepper.

Загружен 14 июня 2017
Exposing people ('bullies') on IMVU, the sims teen tinder. Hope you enjoy todays video which is an extra upload. I didn't actually use this app for serious ...

Загружен 21 декабря 2018
Hey guys here are 11 things to do on IMVU when your bored. Keep watching and stay tuned!! I put my heart into this video and had to make sure it ...

The MOST DISRESPECTFUL Smash or Pass!! | Subs Edition + 4k Christmas Giveaway (IMVU)
Загружен 26 декабря 2017
I Promise I Didn't Mean to Roast Y'all... - Rather I smashed or passed you just know I still love you and I hope you continue to support me because it ...

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