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Day[9] HearthStone Decktacular

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Day[9] HearthStone Decktacular #82 - Miracle Paladin P1
Загружен 12 марта 2015
Given the extraordinary amount of 1-mana spells the paladin has at his disposal, I'm going to try to give a ridiculous "control the board, then kill with explosion" ...

Day[9] HearthStone Decktacular #323 - Elemental Control Mage
Загружен 29 августа 2017
Did you know that Anomalus's deathrattle heals w/ Jaina? You can heal back to full! QUICKLY BUILD A CONTROL DECK AROUND IT! My Website: ...

Day[9] Hearthstone Decktacular #321 - KFT Mill Rogue
Загружен 22 августа 2017
Surprisingly, Mill rogue seems more viable than ever. There aren't TOO many ultra aggro decks, and skulking giest is not only great to help thin out the enemy ...

Day[9] HearthStone Decktacular #153 - More Majordomo Mage - P1
Загружен 22 сентября 2015
I've been fiddling w/ Majorodomo over the weekend and I gotta say, I REALLY like how it plays out. I'll be trying to figure out how to make a grinder type ...

Day[9] Hearthstone Decktacular #317
Загружен 24 мая 2017
Finding decks My Website:

Day[9] HearthStone Decktacular #251 - Karazhan Wing 1! P1
Загружен 13 августа 2016
THE WING IS OUT! Let us gobble up those new cards. My Website:

Day[9] HearthStone Decktacular #278 - Majordomo Handmage P1
Загружен 2 ноября 2016
Handlock was a cool archetype. Mage is a cool class. Lets combine these logix to make a handmage! So many card draws & Majordomo! My Website: ...

Day[9] HearthStone Decktacular #324 - Evolve Shaman
Загружен 1 сентября 2017
This deck was very popular pre KFT, and now there's a Death Knight to support it even more! Is it good? Who knows! I'm running it! My Website:

Day[9] HearthStone Decktacular #151 - Hero Power Mage P1
Загружен 17 сентября 2015
The Coldarra Drake, Fallen Hero, and Majordomo Executus has encouraged me to construct a mage deck built around hero powering my opponent to death.

Day[9] HearthStone Decktacular #71 - TotalBiscuit's Archmage Deck P1
Загружен 30 января 2015
TotalBiscuit created an inspiring deck to control the entire universe. The theme is "mess with your opponents spells." Counters, untargetable minions, and troggs ...

Day[9] HearthStone Decktacular #214 - WOTOG Shadowbeast P1
Загружен 29 апреля 2016
I now dedicate my life to mastering the art of Shadowpriest in a new meta. My Website:

Day[9] HearthStone Decktacular #312 - Wild Tavern Brawl! - P1
Загружен 5 мая 2017
I'll play a deck! My Website:

Day[9]'s HearthStone Decktacular #26 - Naxxramas Day 1 - P1
Загружен 23 июля 2014

Day[9] HearthStone Decktacular #148 - Kolento Dragon Priest P1
Загружен 9 сентября 2015
Dragon Priests have been ALL the rage lately. So, I'm going to try out Kolento's deck! My Website:

Day[9] Hearthstone Decktacular #294 - Handbuff Hunter
Загружен 21 декабря 2016
I've never even tried to dabble in this possible archetype, so I wanna try it before the break My Website:

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