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DIY $2 Woodstove Fan EASY 2 minutes

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DIY $2 Woodstove Fan EASY 2 minutes
Загружен 2 ноября 2015
How to make your own wood stove fan for $2. All model numbers, specifications included. This page includes the operating temperatures and specs for the Peltier Thermoelectric module in plain...

DIY $3 Woodstove Fan Cellphone Charger EASY 2 minutes
Загружен 13 ноября 2017
An easy demo on how to modify a woodstove fan. The steps are the same with a home built model. I used a TEC-12706 and a USB charger that I bought ...

Wood Stove Fan - DIY Cheap! - Complete walk through
Загружен 20 ноября 2017
Building your own wood stove fan... Sheeet... Use it with any heat source! Parts as mentioned... 1) Heat Sink - EBAY - Dell Presision $12 2) Peltier - EBAY - Thermo ...

Heat Powered wood stove fan DIY for about $25 Part 1: It's alive! but a bit cranky.
Загружен 23 октября 2017
Here's the first partially successful iteration of an "ecofan" like Heat Powered, Peltier based, self powered fan. There are still a few issues that need to be worked out, but for ...

DIY Woodstove fan repair EASY 5 MINUTES
Загружен 4 июля 2017
Slow fan? No problem! This fixes most fans. A simple solution for a disappointing problem.

Make a Stove Top EcoFan from Junk
Загружен 25 декабря 2017
How to make an upcycled stove top fan (like an EcoFan), from an old chainsaw cylinder and a few other scrap bits. It's been done with CPU coolers, but I wanted ...

Stove Fan Build (Step by step)
Загружен 17 сентября 2014
This video follows my first attempt at building a DIY wood stove fan. Total cost of the parts used was £42, but a bit longer spent searching could easily bring the ...

DIY Woodstove Fan Unit using a Peltier Module
Загружен 29 декабря 2013
This is my home made heat circulating fan for mounting on my woodburner. Parts bought from eBay for under £20, and assembled using both hands. Any questions? Leave a comment. Thanks ...

Heat Powered wood stove fan DIY for about $25: Part 2, now with slightly more success
Загружен 24 октября 2017
Changes made to the heat powered fan to make it perform autonomously and more efficiently as built. Please see the first video for a more in depth look a the components ...

How to build your own DIY Ecofan with parts listing
Загружен 19 февраля 2013
I have had lots of people message me about building these fans in my earlier video so here is a short video describing how I built my fans and where to ...

How to make a Thermal Peltier Fan (Better than Eco
Загружен 25 февраля 2011
This fan works better than the eco fan as it used a coper pipe heatsink for cooling it will always remain cooler (thus working) no matter where it is placed on ...

My D.I.Y. Heat Exchanger
Загружен 7 января 2016
This is my custom built heat exchanger for my fire place. I used 1x3 inch 1/8 thick tubing that I welded with a hobart 140. Currently using a 120 cfm fan ...

Ecofan Review
Загружен 16 ноября 2016
Review of the Ecofan thermogeneration woodstove fan. This fan runs without electricity (it generates it's own) to automatically circulate heat from a woodstove around the room. Watch our...

Part 1- Ecofan, The Original Wood Stove Fan
Загружен 14 сентября 2017
Ecofans are the only heat-powered stove fan with over 20 years of tested and proven results. Ecofans are the original heat powered stove fan and proudly designed and manufactured in Canada,... ...

My homemade log burner stove fan demonstrations / tested with tissues...
Загружен 17 октября 2016
Homemade diy log burner fan powered by peliter cells, tested and demonstrated air flow using advanced tissue technique.

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