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Black Body

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Drawfacts #3: What is Blackbody radiation?
Загружен 6 декабря 2012
Is this the dark truth!? You can find more free music at:

Properties of Light: Blackbody Radiation
Загружен 22 мая 2012
A look at the property where, at high temperatures, objects will begin to glow and the spectrum of the light they emit will depend on temperature. This can be used to ...

Blackbody Radiation, Modern Physics, Quantum Mechanics, and the Oxford Comma | Doc Physics
Загружен 4 апреля 2013
Lord Kelvin had one of those famously wrong statements in 1900. Don't let anyone tell you that the work is done. Even clouds can hold HUGE changes.

Death Grips - Black Body
Загружен 24 мая 2017
Track outta the new mixtape, Steroids (Crouching Tiger Hidden Gabber Megamix) https://

Quantization of Energy Part 1: Blackbody Radiation and the Ultraviolet Catastrophe
Загружен 20 апреля 2017
So we know that physics got turned upside down at the turn of the 20th century, but how did that all begin? What was the first thing that set this whole ...

Perfect black body and its spectrum
Загружен 4 июня 2015

Blackbody Radiation | Black Body | Planck's Constant | Radiation | Class 11 Chemistry - Ashwin Sir
Загружен 25 июля 2016
Video by our Chemistry Expert - Ashwin Sir Video about Blackbody radiation, white light, what defines colour of an object, planck's constant, dual nature of light and electron volt. Videos...

Blackbody radiation
Загружен 29 ноября 2015
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Dorothy E. Roberts, “Killing the Black Body: A Twenty-Year Retrospective”
Загружен 5 июня 2017
Professor Dorothy E. Roberts delivered the Henry L. Gates Jr., Lecture, “Killing the Black Body: A Twenty-Year Retrospective,” on April 27, 2017, at the Whitney Humanities Center Auditorium,...

The Black Eyed Peas - Rock That Body
Загружен 22 марта 2010
Music video by Black Eyed Peas performing Rock That Body. (C) 2010 Interscope Records.

Spek Won - Black Body ft. Shi Wisdom
Загружен 16 сентября 2015
Song: BLACK BODY Artist(s): Spek Won, Shi Wisdom Production Company: Mad Ruk Entertainment Director: Mark Valino Executive Producer: Matt Power Executive Producer: Rey Mendoza Producer: Mark...

Blackbody radiation demonstration
Загружен 21 февраля 2014
A demonstration that a cavity in a metal box is brighter than the box when heated and viewed with an infrared camera.

The Ultraviolet Catastrophe
Загружен 13 октября 2016
How did the field of quantum mechanics come about in the first place? The Rayleigh-Jeans catastrophe, also known as the ultraviolet catastrophe was a prediction by the Rayleigh-Jeans law that...

Blackbody Radiation - Stefan-Boltzmann & Wien Laws
Загружен 20 августа 2015
Demonstration of black body radiation, the Stefan-Boltzmann and Wien Laws. Recorded 2015 April 23 by Prof. Richard Pogge, The Ohio State University, Department of Astronomy.

Black Body Demo: Box
Загружен 27 августа 2016
This is a demonstration of the manner in which black body radiation can be produced by a box with a small hole. A body that absorbs all incident radiation emits black ...

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