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Akuroku 11'
Загружен 14 августа 2011
I can't believe I let this day slip my mind. I woke up and was on Deviantart and saw all the Akuroku day submissions and I was like "Crappp that's today?" ...

I need you, Roxas. [AkuRoku Day '11]
Загружен 14 августа 2011
I made this in....30 mins tops. xD I totally forgot it was AkuRoku day. Song: Meteor shower Artist: Owl City.

on fire. akuroku day '11
Загружен 14 августа 2011
8/13 there is a next life for the both of us. --because your heart is tied to mine. "You're mind's made up?" "No one would miss me." "That's...

AkuRoku Doujinshi - Asu Wo Yumemu
Загружен 19 июня 2011
Hey I'm back...kinda. Yes, I am not dead, and yes, I'm sorry I haven't posted stuff yet and responded to some messages. Well, I came back with an AkuRoku ...

I thought I lost you [AkuRoku Day '11]
Загружен 13 августа 2011
I OWN NOTHING~~~~~~~~~~~~ ♥♥♥♥♥HAPPY AKUROKU DAY♥♥♥♥ This my second vid for AkuRoku day ♥ Story: Roxas thought he lost Axel, but Axel ...

【MMD KH】 AkuRoku - A Beautiful Moment
Загружен 11 апреля 2017
Roxas was never seen again.. P.S.!! I'm not reuploading the "AkuRoku - Touch Me" vid. If you haven't seen it, please watch it here ...

WHAT'S AKUROKU? - Let's Bond - Reading Comments
Загружен 4 июля 2016
Picky Penguin Steam Group -

AkuRoku RikuSo- Boom Boom In my room
Загружен 22 июня 2008
THIS SONG IS DRIVING ME CRAZY!!! but i am proud to say that WMM didnt freeze once X3!!! but it did take a while to do this though.... but whatever...

♪♥♫AkuRoku: Roxas Won't Say He's In Love♪♥♫
Загружен 14 августа 2013

P R O M I S E } AkuRoku
Загружен 4 сентября 2010
My first ever MMV! Well, the closest thing to it at least. SO, recently I've been getting into Kingdom Hearts, yet again, and fell in love with Axel and Roxas.

All The Same [AkuRoku]
Загружен 11 января 2016
This song has been stuck in my head forever along with the memories of the touch of someone elses hands. Song: All The Same Artist:...

PERFECT ♥ AkuRoku Day 2012
Загружен 14 августа 2012
HAPPY AKUROKU DAY! ...Gotta love Axel & Roxas' awkward laughing at the end. xD Maaan, I suck at editing Yaoi. Maybe it's because I see AkuRoku from a ...

It Doesn't Matter [AkuRoku]
Загружен 12 августа 2007
Quickest AMV yet? Yes. Does it show? Probably. But I was neglecting my OTP, so here it is.

Paralyzed by Finger Eleven- AkuRoku
Загружен 9 апреля 2010
I got hooked onto this song and ironically I uploaded these clips earlier that day so I decided to make video. Clips from Kingdom Hearts 358/2 and can be found ... ...

S U S P E N S I O N_ [[AkuRoku Day 11']]
Загружен 14 августа 2011
YEAH I FINISHED THIS VIDEO OMG YAY I've always wanted to make an akuroku day video, but I always forgot. Thanks to some friends constantly reminding ...

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