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81. 3D Peanut Husks (Binaural - Wear Headphones) - SOUNDsculptures (ASMR)

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81. 3D Peanut Husks (Binaural - Wear Headphones) - SOUNDsculptures (ASMR)
Загружен 23 марта 2012
The sounds of peanut husks.

53. 3D Shoeshine (Binaural - Wear Headphones) - SOUNDsculptures (ASMR)
Загружен 29 сентября 2011
Wear Headphones*** 3D Binaural Shoeshine. This was requested by AnsemX88. Sorry it took so long! Hope you like it.

56. 3D Chalkboard (Binaural - Wear Headphones) - SOUNDsculptures (ASMR)
Загружен 12 октября 2011
Please wear headphones. 3D chalkboard. Requested by Frizbonk, buckteef, ImTellingMyStory, kona599, humby123. Thanks, and I hope you enjoy it.

80. 3D Knitting (Binaural - Wear Headphones) - SOUNDsculptures (ASMR)
Загружен 17 марта 2012
The sound of knitting, requested by giausjulius4. Thank you Meema, for knitting in your nightie!! xx.

48. 3D Blow Dry (Binaural - Wear Headphones) - SOUNDsculptures (ASMR) - 3D Hairdryer
Загружен 7 сентября 2011
3D binaural hairdryer. 15 minutes of white noise to drone out the world. This was requested by TheGeeving some time ago. I hope it will give some rest.

82. Shelling Peanuts - SOUNDsculptures (ASMR)
Загружен 23 марта 2012
Shelling peanuts. Yes, here in the UK, peanuts in the shell are called 'Monkey Nuts'. Yes. Monkey Nuts. There, I've said it again. All toilet humour is now out of ... ...

104. 3D Rubik's Cube (3D Binaural - Wear Headphones) - SOUNDsculptures (ASMR)
Загружен 7 октября 2013
A 3D Binaural recording of the sounds of a Rubik's Cube. Goodnight. Sleep tight. [Please select 1080p HD in the quality settings].

97. 3D Modelling Balloons (Binaural - Wear Headphones) - SOUNDsculptures (ASMR Day)
Загружен 9 апреля 2013
9th April, International ASMR Day.

55. 3D Newspaper (Binaural - Wear Headphones) - SOUNDsculptures (ASMR)
Загружен 9 октября 2011
Please wear headphones. 3D newspaper.

111. 3D Tin Foil (Binaural - Wear Headphones) - SOUNDsculptures - ASMR
Загружен 9 января 2014
3D audio recording of different sounds made by tin foil. I recommend listening to this at a low volume. Thanks for watching/listening.

ASMR No Talk Peanut Shells
Загружен 23 января 2015

39. 3D Polystyrene Packaging (Binaural - Wear Headphones!) - SOUNDsculptures (ASMR)
Загружен 27 июля 2011
Wear Headphones! The sounds of polystyrene packaging.

3D Animation Short Peanut Invasion
Загружен 1 июля 2011

Peanuts Club - Crimen is Nuts
Загружен 14 ноября 2009
Peanuts Club Crimen is Nuts Remix.

ASMR | No talking | Cracking Peanut Shells
Загружен 5 июля 2017
Hi, everyone! Do you like peanuts?! :) In this video I'm cracking peanut shells. Almost the whole video is just cracking sounds but you can hear some naylon bag ...

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