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12 Year Old Boy Humiliates Simon Cowell
Загружен 1 августа 2012
Original Title: Simon Cowell Humiliates a 12-Year-Old Boy (Don't let the title fool you!) After Simon's typical rude behavior stopped this boy (Shaheen Jafargholi) ...

Dirty Dancing - Time of my Life (Final Dance) - High Quality HD
Загружен 23 ноября 2010
HD. End of season at Kellermans ,"nobody puts Baby in the corner", the final dance, they perform the final dance to "I've had the time of my life" Johnny and Baby ...

Coming Out
Загружен 8 августа 2013

How small a hole can a mouse get through? Experiments.
Загружен 8 декабря 2017
Experimenting with how small a home a mouse is able to fit through. But it didn't go as planned. I had a lazy mouse, and a hard working invading shrew.

12 HIDDEN SECRETS in Central Park | New York City
Загружен 27 сентября 2016
I run in Central Park almost every day (in fact I've run #everypath a few times), and along the way I've found quite a few hidden secrets. Here's a list of ...

He Spent 40 Years Alone in the Woods, and Now Scientists Love Him | Short Film Showcase
Загружен 17 января 2017
Welcome to Gothic, Colorado—one of the coldest places in the United States. This ghost town has been abandoned since the 1920s, but there is at least one ...

15 Things You Need to Know When Dealing With the Police
Загружен 23 марта 2018
Knowing what you should do when dealing with the police is really useful. Following some simple rules will keep you out of trouble in an emergency situation.

Yungeen Ace "Pain" (WSHH Exclusive - Official Music Video)
Загружен 28 августа 2018
Watch the official music video for "Pain" by Yungeen Ace. Stream/Download "Life of Betrayal": https://yungeenace.lnk.to/LOBID Video directed by Jenna Marsh ...

How do tornadoes form? - James Spann
Загружен 19 августа 2014
View full lesson:

Why people believe they can’t draw - and how to prove they can | Graham Shaw | TEDxHull
Загружен 1 апреля 2015
Why is it that so many people think they can't draw? Where did we learn to believe that? Graham Shaw will shatter this illusion – quite literally - in a very ...

The Largest Submarine in The U.S. Navy
Загружен 28 сентября 2013
USS Pennsylvania is a United States Navy Ohio-class ballistic missile submarine which has been in commission since 1989. The Ohio class is a class of nuclear ...

The Family: Sorry! from The Carol Burnett Show (full sketch)
Загружен 27 ноября 2015
It may be game night for The Family with Ed (Harvey Korman), Eunice (Carol Burnett) and Mama (Vicki Lawrence), but when the competition starts to heat up it ...

19 Psychological Tips That Will Change Your Life
Загружен 6 октября 2017
19 Psychological Tricks That Will Improve Your Life. We try so hard to become better, smarter, stronger, and we often don't look for easy ways. That's too bad ...

This Crazy Tree Grows 40 Kinds of Fruit | National Geographic
Загружен 21 июля 2015
Sam Van Aken, an artist and professor at Syracuse University, uses "chip grafting" to create trees that each bear 40 different varieties of stone fruits, or fruits with ...

Top 7 Real Mermaid Sightings From Around the World
Загружен 6 февраля 2014
mikexingchen There is a fascination about mermaids, but if they do exist, I doubt mermaids look like what disney portrays them to be. Here are the 7 top mermaid ...

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