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50 MAN RAID! ArcheAge - CBT4
Загружен 23 августа 2014
Here's footage of the 50 Man Raid I helped form for the Clockwork Rebellion Event on ArcheAge CBT4. SORRY FOR THE POTATO FOOTAGE, going to optimize ...

ArcheAge Closed Beta 1 - 50 Man Raid - That was it?!
Загружен 20 июля 2014
I was invited to a random raid event. If I knew it would only last 30 seconds, I wouldn't have sat around waiting for 50 minutes... It was still a cool ...

ArcheAge-50 Man Trade Run
Загружен 25 августа 2014
A full raid does a trade run to The pirate island.

[Archeage OpenBoard Guild]Field Boss Raid
Загружен 27 октября 2012
[Archeage OpenBoard Guild]Feild Boss ,길 잃고 방황하는자, Raid video Archeage OpenBoard Guild Site :

ArcheAge Online The Kraken Hit & Run
Загружен 28 декабря 2011
ArcheAge Online CBT4 - The Kraken Awakens

Archeage Crimson Rift Raid
Загружен 30 июля 2014
Doing the Crimson Rift Raid in Ynystere. ArcheAge:

ArcheAge - Fallen Fortress Raid ends .. well badly ( Closed Beta event # 1 )
Загружен 19 июля 2014
they killed the boss too quick!!

Archeage - Epic 100 man Event Fail
Загружен 6 сентября 2014
While in beta, we waited 3 hours for the event clockwork rebellion, and failed, killing 19/20 of the add required (killing the boss to quickly) -- Watch live at ...

ArcheAge #26 - Trouble in Sandeep
Загружен 23 августа 2014

Archeage RU : Яча owned by Chaos Guild
Загружен 2 января 2014

ArcheAge-EP7-Ziggy gets to Raid again! We encounter Violent Yatas that look a bit like Kangaroos!
Загружен 22 августа 2014
Welcome to Ziggy's Funhouse! Ziggy gets to Raid again! Also, we encounter Violent Yatas that look a bit like Kangaroos and more. Of course you should not ...

ArcheAge 45-50 Man Fight Outside Windscour - Knights Of Old v.s. UDL
Загружен 20 декабря 2014
Knights of Old take the win.

MegaMeat vs Dark (Dunked) Ascension
Загружен 23 августа 2014
If you look at the raid frames in both fights, you can see we only have 10 players active in that battle (+ 3 eastern faction) (The players lit up in ...

ArcheAge CBT4 AOE test
Загружен 26 декабря 2011
AOE test.

ArcheAge Kyrios Hateful Ocleera
Загружен 7 ноября 2015
Seems like there's an unspoken peace treaty across the factions when it comes to this event boss. Oh wells, back to my farming~ Patch Version: 2.0 Build 7.1.

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