030 Backticks

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030 Backticks
Загружен 6 февраля 2014

Nesting backticks Linux command substitution
Загружен 28 июня 2014
Being able to successfully nest backticks will allow you to accomplish huge feats in only one line. This tutorial builds on the previous bash tutorial covering ...

Linux Command-Line Interface (CLI) Tutorial #028 - Backtick or Backquote
Загружен 19 сентября 2015
Tutorial for learning Linux command line on terminal, which is similar to UNIX command line. Knowledge of these commands is an essential skill for Linux ...

There, Their, or They're exec(), system, or ``
Загружен 13 марта 2013
Phoenix PM - 2012-01-12 - There, Their, or They're exec(), system, or `` 720x480 - Erik Tank Erik Tank discusses the differences between the "exec", "system", ...

029 Redirecting Output
Загружен 6 февраля 2014

Загружен 20 сентября 2013
This video helps scripting in file test functions and common functions like system,exec and backticks in perl.

026 FFI
Загружен 6 февраля 2014

day7-2: Users, Groups and permissions
Загружен 11 декабря 2011
Understanding users, groups, UID and GID. Also understanding the traditional security in unix and linux and changing permissions on files. أهدي ثواب هذه الدورة ...

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