*Personal Ranking* Applejack's singing voices [Remake]

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*Personal Ranking* Applejack's singing voices [Remake]
Загружен 30 октября 2015
It's now officially two months after I uploaded my Fluttershy remake, and coincidentally a day before Halloween, highlighting how scary it is that it took me so long ...

*Personal Ranking* Twilight Sparkle's singing voices [Remake]
Загружен 31 января 2018
Here we go. January 29th was the birthday of my Pinkie Pie ranking, it took me a year to finish this one :O Most of it was school, the rest was ...

*Personal Ranking* Pinkie Pie's singing voices [Remake]
Загружен 29 января 2017
The biggest ranking I've ever done. 61 voices, though technically counting two tied spots it's 63, damn. It took me a while to listen to all the songs to all the ...

*Personal Ranking* Rarity's singing voices [Remake]
Загружен 22 декабря 2015
Exams were over, vacation starts and all I kept thinking about was finishing this ranking, and I finally managed to keep my laptop stable enough to work on it long ... ...

*Personal Ranking* Fluttershy's singing voices [Remake]
Загружен 31 августа 2015
Please read the description, thanks :D * On October 26th 2014, I uploaded my first Fluttershy ranking. I was really proud of how it turned out, and I immediately ...

*Personal Ranking* Rainbow Dash's singing voices [Remake]
Загружен 9 августа 2016
[ Removed audio on Brazilian because copyright :( ] Well, it took me a while to say the least. There were many things that delayed this vid, like me trying to ...

Personal Ranking: My Little Pony - "Twilight Sparkle's Voices" [83 VOICES]
Загружен 10 июля 2018
Singers corrections: - 79. Romanian (S5): Corina Cernea - 66: Mirna Jogunčić Kreso - 52. Russian (RR): Olga Golovanova - 47. Turkish (S2-7): Ceren Özkarataş ...

*Personal Ranking* Spike's singing voices
Загружен 10 июля 2019
We're back!! After that Twilight Sparkle ranking had 70 voices I just had to take a break from MLP rankings but I'm back with what I thought was arguably the 7th ...

MLP:FiM [Personal Ranking] Buttercup's Singing Voices
Загружен 12 ноября 2018
This video was quite hard to make, because almost all Buttercup's voices are truly beautiful, so I couldn't really decide which of them I like the most ;d Please ...

My Personal Ranking: Top 5 Mane Six Foreign Dubs
Загружен 14 июля 2015
Dedicated to Leonardo Ayala, a loyal follower who made pony rankings too, and who's having a birthday tomorrow! :D English is DISCOUNTED FROM THIS ...

Personal Ranking: Twilight Sparkle
Загружен 20 декабря 2014
Enjoy! XD.

My personal ranking : Voices of Rainbow Dash
Загружен 17 марта 2015
Es mi opinión personal Espero les guste Dale like y suscribete AYUDAS MUCHO! :) Gracias.

Cadence Personal Ranking {12 Versions}
Загружен 21 апреля 2013
And now for something completely different. I wanted to do a ranking that hasn't been done already. I'm not really a fan of the show, but this song is bit of ...

Applejack - Gala Solo Personal Ranking
Загружен 18 октября 2016
Welcome to my Applejack Personal Ranking, I love her very much, her dubs are very pleasant to hear so enjoy.

We Got This Together (Personal Ranking) My Favorite Parts
Загружен 3 марта 2018
This is a copilation of my favorites parts of We Got Yhis Together in different languages Thanks for watching the video.

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