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MakeHuman -- Free & Open Source Character Creator
Загружен 18 декабря 2018
MakeHuman is a free and open source character creation package that started life as a Blender plugin but was eventually turned into a stand alone software ...

MakeHuman Tutorial - (Pt.10) How to Model Human Characters Export for Blender 3d by VscorpianC
Загружен 13 мая 2015
MakeHuman Human 3d Model Creation; easily create a human character using reference images, then add a rig, clothes and export a rigged 3d human with ...

MakeHuman to Blender with IK Bones and Motion Capture (Tutorial)
Загружен 8 января 2018
This tutorial covers how to import MakeHuman files into Blender 2.79 with better armature settings, including the FK/IK Switch, and how to apply motion capture ...

Makehuman ao Blender 2
Загружен 28 февраля 2018
Nesse vídeo, eu mostro como configurar o Blender para poder importar modelos do Makehuman, e como colocar e configurar as roupas na modelo feminina.

MakeHuman's new Blender Integration
Загружен 12 декабря 2018
Starting with the 1.2.0 community version of MakeHuman, it is possible to copy a toon directly into Blender from MakeHuman, without having to first export it to a ...

MakeHuman 1.1 -- A Completely Free 3D Character Creator
Загружен 17 мая 2016
MakeHuman 1.1 was just released today. This video looks at what's new and how MakeHuman works in general. It's a powerful system for quickly creating fully ...

Quick Character Creation in MakeHuman
Загружен 4 февраля 2014

Blender Создание персонажа в Makehuman и его экспорт в Blender
Загружен 25 декабря 2016
В этом уроке мы установим бесплатную программу для создания персонажей MakeHuman, создадим самого персонажа...

Top 3 BEST 3D Character Creators for Game Designers
Загружен 4 марта 2017
Here's the top 3 best 3D character creators for animating or for game development and designing. 3: Make Human ( FREE ) Website:

Blender/Makehuman "Curiosity" - short film
Загружен 30 июня 2015
This is the first complete edit of my hobby Blender short film. These scenes are draft renders and much work is still to be done on the mocap and hand ... ...

Makehuman Zbrush tutorial and workflow
Загружен 14 ноября 2014
Tutorial on ZBrush and Makehuman working together. Makehuman text tutorial:

Easy Walk Animation with Blender and Makehuman
Загружен 15 июля 2014
This is the fastest and simplest way I know of to create an animation of a human walking. I use Blender, MakeHuman and a bvh motion capture file. Here's a link ...

Create Model for MD5.5/CLO 3D in Make Human [Part 1]
Загружен 22 июня 2016
Hi. In this tutorial we would explore how we can create our female character for use in Marvelous Designer. Download MakeHuman from the link below...

Import makehuman mhx file & BVH Blender 2 76 tutorial
Загружен 30 декабря 2015
Import makehuman mhx file & BVH Blender 2 76 tutorial Makehuman software & Blender tools download links. Windows ...

Blender, MakeHuman, and Motion Capture files
Загружен 2 июля 2014
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